– Moroccan mint –

A little green tea, gunpowder for that sharp touch and spearmint for the fresh flavour. Moroccan tea is a traditional drink throughout the year, both hot and cold with a slice of lemon. It is a real thirst-quencher!
– Organic asian sensha –

Ideal for Green Tea beginners and those who prefer milder tastes, this te ais the same as the variety popular in China. The cup gives a shimmery strong green-yellow tone and a soft and mild taste with a sweet note
– Superior earl grey –

Probably the best known tea, Earl Grey is produced from citrus fruit similar to oranges which come from southern regions. Finest Yunnan, which gives the blend a slightly earthy touch ; a nuance from mellow Keemun teas ; and a Ceylon which unites the teas to their fullness
– Indian ginger –

The inspiration for this blend comes from the Indian kitchen as all ingredients of this blend form a vital part in this cuisine : ginger, whole cardamom and chillies. This is ‘Tea-Soup for the Soul!’
– Sexy pomegranate –

The popular pomegranate shows off its best attributes when combined with the fruity blueberry. Your taste buds will enjoy this delicate twosome and your eyes will appreciate the royal blue cornflowers and mallow blossoms